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Celebrity is a fascination for most of us, yet often an elusive and misunderstood phenomenon. To know Toni Carroll is to know a celebrity and, more importantly, to know a defining example of the phenomenon. In the best American tradition, Toni Carroll has both earned and achieved the status through an invigorating blend of genuine talents, unique drive, an abundance of purpose, worthwhile hard work and the magical elixir of style and presence. These elements in unique proportion define Celebrity and Toni Carroll.

 To know a bit about her is to absorb another example of the steps to success and attainment. Toni, of Italian heritage, was born in St. Louis, MO, in an ethnic neighborhood known as “The Italian Hill.” Her early years to age 8 were spent in Italy. Her close and loving family recognized a natural talent for music so our heroine was advantaged by tuition in voice and solfeggio lessons through grade school and later more formal studies at the Kroeger School of Music. All the while she performed in St. Louis for family, friends, and at school, refining and developing her gifts. But that didn't happen all at once and there’s more to the story.

With an abundance of courage and needing to be discovered, Toni Carroll went to New York City and applied for a job at the famous and fabulous Copacabana nightclub at 10 E. 60 th St. Her mentor, Doug Coudy from St. Louis, and choreographer at the Copa recalled: … “she came to the club with a scrapbook of news articles about me and my work, her opening lines were, ‘Hi, I’m Toni Carroll from St. Louis, do you think I’m pretty enough to be a Copa Girl?’”

The rest is history. Toni Carroll became a Copa Girl and Latin Quarter Singer with a brilliant career as an entertainer, night-club performer and ‘million selling’ recording artist for MGM Records and RCA Victor.

She recalls the Copa days as a period of growth and development, especially because of the influence of the inspirational artists whom she knew and absorbed. The great starts: Sammy Davis Jr., Jimmy Durante, Lena Horne, Martin and Lewis, Frank Sinatra and more made the goal of stardom ever brighter and reachable. Toni Carroll appreciates and remembers all who gave of themselves to assist her.

(Excerpts from Producer’s liner notes – “Toni Carroll * Celebrity” CD – MGM #E3717)

"Recording Artist"
Member of: AGVA Union
MGM Record Co. : Five Albums (English, Italian, and Spanish)
"Toni Carroll * Celebrity" Singing the hits of the Roaring '20's' Selling on Amazon.com
"Cello's and Voices" Produced by Toni
Member of: Screen Actors Guild = "SAG"
Agent: Krasny Office, Norma Eisenbaum

5101 Broadway, #1510

New York, NY


The 5th Season" - Shelly (Comic Lead) National Tour
  "The Joker" - Marilyn (Comic Lead) National Tour
"The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, Yogi Berra, and Joe Garagiola Guest Singer
MTV/Music Video:
"Be My Little Bumblebee" Singing Star
"Joan Rivers" Featured guest promoting Copa Girls book
  "David Susskind" Guest Interview
ABC & Lifetime:
"The Morning Show" with Regis Philbin Guest Singer/Dancer, and Copa Girl
Feature Film:
"Flamingo Kid" with Matt Dillon Dancer (Special Talent)
"Joe Franklin"

Guest Promoting Hit Book (CoAuthor - "Laugh Your Fat Off"

Selling on Amazon.com

Author House Pub. Purchase No. 8882807715

New York Cable TV:
"Joan's World" with Joan Gainsley Molson Feature Guest/Singer
"Stage and Nightclub Performer"
Headliner and singing star throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, and South America. Performed with top personalities - Frank Sinatra, Lena Horne, Jimmy Durante, et al venues include The Copacabana (NYC), Moscow Art Theater, Colony (London), Teatro De La Perla (Venice, Italy), and The Friars Club (NYC).
Member of:

"IWWG" - International Women's Writer Guild

"RWA" - Romance Writers of America

C-Author with Dr. Philip Terman (Husband): "Laugh Your Fat Off"

Selling on BuyBooks on the Web.com and

Author House Pub. Purchase No. 8882807715

Memories of the Copacabana "Copacabana Sexcapades" Selling on Amazon.com
Inspired by Barbara Walters "Legs Galore" Selling on Amazon.com

"In regards to my trip to Moscow, the following is an excerpt from an article from The Houston Post by George Christian giving you a bit more in depth information."


Toni Carroll – The First American Singer and Recording Artist to Sing in Moscow at the Moscow Art Theater

Toni was sent from America on a cultural exchange where she received enormous ovations with the students clamoring for more!

"In regards to my trip to Moscow, the following is an excerpt from an article from The Houston Post by George Christian giving you a bit more in-depth information."

The following article comes from the Houston Post by George Christian:

To read this wonderful article please click: "Glimpse Behind the Curtain"
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