“Welcome to Television Time”

The stage is set, the lights are out, and the show is ready to begin.  Here there are no commercials, no waiting, and no one but you to control the viewing.  Through modern technology, this walk down memory lane, with me, is right at you finger tips or should I say your mouse-click.  Just click on any of the ‘oval’ buttons below to be transported to an earlier day and some very fond memories of my life.  They are often humorous, always entertaining, and, sometimes, very surprising. Where else can you see Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola singing?  Have you ever seen Regis Philbin dance in a chorus line?  Here you’ll see these and many other wonderful moments.
So sit back and relax.  Prepare to laugh, learn some fun facts, and have the time of your life.  I sure enjoyed doing these interviews and I suspect you’ll have as much fun watching them.  Talk to you after the show!
~ Toni ~

Television Interview with Joan Gainsley Molison

Growing Up In St. Louis
Master Class
Lena Horne
It Had To Be You (Toni Singing)
Sid Ceasar
* Julie Podell & Johnnie Ray
Robert Mitchum
Julie Podell's Rules for the Copa Girls

Television Interview - Tonight Show with Joe Gargiola and Yogi Berra

The Old Neighborhood Reunion with Yogi & Joe
Joe, Toni, and Yogi sing 'Volare'

Chicago & Boston Television Shows

Chicago Boston

The Best of the Morning Show with Regis Philbin

Toni & Regis


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